[blackcat] L3 Market Sentiment Indicator

Level 3


I've been thinking about trying out some technical indicators of market sentiment recently. Of course, this may not be limited to OHLC data, but requires more statistical data for analysis. However, I still wanted to try making a market sentiment indicator with OHLC. In this way, the difference between the two indicators can be compared later.


This market sentiment indicator is functionally divided into two categories: the first is the sentiment line, which is a total of 3 lines. The first line is the yellow aggressive trader sentiment line, usually expressed as a 5-period moving average; the second line is the purple conservative trader interest line, which I used a slightly more complicated algorithm. The third line is the market sentiment line that takes the average of the first two. It is yellow when the market price is rising and purple when the price is falling.

The second type is the pressure line and the support line, a total of four, when they are support lines, the color is green; once they become resistance lines, the color will change from green to red, and show the current price of pressure or support.


Feedbacks are appreciated.

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