DojiCandle body size RSI-SMMA filter MTF

DojiCandle body size RSI-SMMA filter MTF

Hi. I was inspired by a public script written by @ahmedirshad419, .
I thank him for his idea and hard work.
His script is the combination of RSI and Engulfing Pattern.

I decided to tweak it a bit with Open IA.
I have changed:
1) candle pattern to DojiCandle Pattern;
2) I added the ability for the user to change the size of the candlestick body;
3) Added SMMA 200;
4) Changed the colour of SMMA 200 depending on price direction;
5) Added a change in the colour of candlesticks, depending on the colour of the SMMA 200;
6) Added buy and sell signals with indicator name, ticker and close price;
7) Added ability to use indicator on multi time frame.

How it works
1. when RSI > 70 > SMMA 200 and form the bullish DojiCandle Pattern. It gives sell signal
2. when RSI < 30 < SMMA 200 and form the bearish DojiCandle Pattern. It gives buy signal

basic setting for RSI, SMMA 200 has been enabled in the script to set the levels accordingly to your trades

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