[blackcat] L3 Tom Demark Projected Magic-9/13

Level: 3


Magic Nine Turns formerly known as Tom Demark Sequential ( TDS ) is a soft built-in technical indicator for many stocks software, but before using it, you must understand its market meaning and confirm whether it is suitable for your own trading style.


The traditional TDS still generates buy and sell signals of 9 and 13 during the sideways swing phase. I use the Demark Project Range to differentiate between trend and sideways. The normal 9 and 13 in the band are displayed indistinguishably from other numbers, while the 9 and 13 generated by the breakout are highlighted with red and green labels. The Project Range is automatically changed by MTF, and a higher cycle will be selected as the baseline of the Project Range based on the current operating cycle.

Traditional 9 and 13 are handled as other numbers which use normal fonts, red represents low digits, and green represents high digits;
The projected numbers 9 and 13 are highlighted with red and green labels, red means low 9 low 13, green means high 9 high 13, note that these labels are all unconfirmed buy and sell signals;
Demark projected range is displayed in fuchsia color.
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