Relativity Autonomous Distribution Blocks

The relativity method is a method of trade inspired by the Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein, which argues that trade is a relative concept and, according to the case it advocates, creates the values ​​to be evaluated relatively by using various engineering methods, and converts these values ​​to factors to ensure the highest efficiency.

Many layers are common with Autonomous LSTM.

For more information about Autonomous LSTM :

But there are additional layers that are much higher than that.
These systems use COT (Commitment of Traders) data positively in trade and significantly increase the hit rate compared to conventional methods.

And in all traded instruments, it decides the degree of scoring by linking with global markets.
The more liquidity of the selected parities, the higher the success rate, the higher liquidity in the markets.


  • Feature Layer 1 : Formulation : Common Layer with Autonomous LSTM
  • Feature Layer 2: Forecast Algorithm : Common Layer with Autonomous LSTM
  • Feature Layer 3 : Composite of Two Layers : Adaptive Period (Length) Algorithm : Common Layer with Autonomous LSTM
  • Feature Layer 4 : High - Low Selection Algorithm : Common Layer with Autonomous LSTM
  • Feature Layer 5 : Volume (Ticker ) - Open Interest (Global Market) Power Factor according to Global Markets and Related instrument (Ticker)
  • Feature Layer 6 : Quantum Equations including COT Commercial Positions (Communicate with layer 5)
  • Feature Layer 7 : World's Price/Earnings Ratio (This layer is automatically added to layer 6 as a factor each week.)
  • Feature Layer 8 : Distribution Blocks : The design of script as a histogram, with distributional buying and selling points and positive/negative zone coloring, with alerts.
    Uses the relativity algorithm. This will contribute not only to leveraged transactions but also to portfolio management and will give a more realistic perspective.
    Informs the trading points within the regions.
    In this way, it allows for gradual buying and selling and reduces the risk to a much lower level.
    These feature allows a difference perspective especially for traders who act with portfolio logic and / or add regular income.

The educational idea I shared in order to set an example for this logic:



1. * Market Type

The menu is divided into 5 different algorithms and covers all instruments around the world.
For example:

2. * Barcolor

Barcolor Plotting Rules : On / off section with these rules when barcolor on :

  • Orange : Distributional Sell Signal ( Not Short )
  • Blue : Distributinaol Buy Signal


Indicator Features :

  • Red Background with Cross : Short Signal
  • Green Background with Cross : Buy Signal
  • Blue Histogram Color : Distributional Buy Signal
  • Orange Histogram Color : Distributional Sell Signal


  • Long Alert
  • Short Alert
  • Distributional Buy Alert
  • Distributional Sell Alert


  • Since the script uses various Commitment of Traders data, it is designed only for the weekly time frame. ( TF = 1W )
  • Script does not repaint 1 Week and above time frames . (Source = close )

The script design was inspired by one of RafaelZioni's script :

Best regards.
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