-=AutoMoon=- Styx Scalp [Strategy]

Welcome to the AutoMoon Styx Scalp Script -

This is the first script in our line of subscription scripts with limited slots available to them in order to preserve profitability.

This script offers:
- No Repaint (Guaranteed!)
- Short term scalp trades
- Simple auto tuned settings that can be changed with one number
- Alerts
- Backtesting Strategy

Can be automated by ( Autoview , Gunbot, Profitview, Jubot, Dragon Bot, Haasbot and many more! )


We have built a reputation of providing reliable scripts and plan on continuing to do so. We see other script makers selling scripts that are a buggy and repainty mess and we want to change the perception of tradingview scripts. We have built scripts for institutional investors in the past and we are always looking for new investors, feel free to contact us if you are interested. These scripts are limited to 150 slots per month, so get your slot before it sells out!

We do not provide any trials, however you can always purchase 1 month to test out the script, if you have any questions please contact on telegram

A video will be live on showing live trades made by this script very soon.

版本注释: Added Trade direction selection
Added Stoploss
版本注释: Added TP
版本注释: Enhanced Plot
版本注释: Adjusted stoploss behaviour
版本注释: Update to v2 complete
版本注释: Updated formula and layout

仅限作者授权的用户访问此脚本,并且通常需要付费。您可以将其添加到收藏中,但是只有在向作者请求并获得许可之后,才能使用它。 请与tradingadvisor联系以获取更多信息,或按照以下作者的说明进行操作。





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