Income Ratio

■ Income Statement Ratio

This script will provide how distribution of income statement of a comany is.
it also allows us to see a clear picture how the business of a company develop.

For example TESLA.
in term of value, its revenue is 13,757K in the last quarter and it seam to be stable.
while the cost of goods sold (COGS) also increase.

In term of percent, it shows that the gross profit margin is growing up as well as net profit margin.
moreover, depreciation and amortization has declined as well as COGS.

This information like this will help us make a better trading plan.

■ Idea.
1. Each items such as Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Profit will be divided by total revenue.
2. 2 types of data after calculation, Value in Million and Percent by comparing with "Total Revenue".

■ How to use it.
In the menu, you can select the type of data to show
1. Select data type, it is available in Value in Million and Percent.
2. Select the financial period : FY for Financial Year and FQ for Financial Quarter.


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