Special Time Period

With this indicator, you can choose candles in the period you want on your chart.

How ?

• If your chart is 5 minutes, the duration should be greater than 5 on this indicator.
If you do not do it this way, there will be gaps in the price, it will not give the right result.

• If you want to see it in minutes, you must enter a direct numerical value. For example, to see 2 hours, you must enter the number 120. Because 2 hours is 120 minutes.
Like the warning above, if you want to plot a 2-hour chart with this indicator, a maximum of 1 hour should be selected on your main chart.

• Resolution, eg. '60' - 60 minutes, 'D' - daily, 'W' - weekly, 'M' - monthly, '5D' - 5 days, '12M' - one year, '3M' - one quarter

• For example, if you want to see the 2-day chart, you should have a maximum of 1 day chart open on your home screen and write "2D" to the indicator value.

• You will get much better results if the period on your main chart and the period on this indicator are multiples of each other.

• In the image below, the period on the main chart is 30 minutes, but the period on the indicator is 90

• Click on the facing brackets at the top right of the legend and your chart will enlarge.


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