Ehlers MESA Adaptive Moving Averages (MAMA & FAMA)

Ehlers MESA Adaptive Moving Averages ( MAMA & FAMA) script.

These indicators was originally developed by John F. Ehlers (Stocks & Commodities V. 19:10: MESA Adaptive Moving Averages).
版本注释: Added missed radians to degrees conversion. Thanks to @sal157011
版本注释: Added ribbon filling
版本注释: Refactored
  • Fixed issue with decimal step in inputs
  • Refactored
  • Fixed error and refactored
  • Converted to v4
  • Added alerts
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The code is wrong because in Tradestation the function atan() returns degrees while in PineScript returns radians.
To fix the problem the result of the function in degrees must be converted into radians multiplying it by 180/pi.
You must create de variable pi= 3.14159265359 first and
line 50 mesaPeriod:= 360/atan(Im/Re) must be rewritten into mesaPeriod:= 2*pi/atan(Im/Re)
line 72 phase:=atan(Q1/I1) must be rewritten into phase:= 180/pi * atan(Q1 / I1)

note: 360º = 2*pi radians

The chart should look something like this

+4 回复
everget sal157011
@sal157011, thank you. My bad.
How would you compare this to the JMA (jurik moving average)? Have you tested/compared it?
+2 回复
everget janor123
@janor123, yup
This is awesome!

I was thinking of working on this lately. I want to experiment with different alphas on the EMA.
+1 回复
Thanks!! Youre really on a roll releasing all these quality Alogrithms :)
Keep up the good work!
+1 回复
everget Neverstorm
@Neverstorm, okay)
+3 回复
I guess my comment/question really won't apply because according to other comments, it is not working correctly. Has anyone updated it to working correctly status? Thank you
everget forexmike
@forexmike, what?
Hello, Do I just copy and paste this code into trading view to create and use the indicator? Thanks, Mike
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