RSI with Divergences, Reverse Formulas, and Bull/Bear Zones

Regular RSI indicator that can underline divergences, turn green or red specifying user specified bull/bear zones, and with a label showing the price needed to turn bull/bear!

Specify the inputs:
+ RSI Length
+ Bull Threshold
+ Bear Threshold
+ Panel Position Offset

Also with toggle-able:
+ Bullish Divergence
+ Bearish Divergence
+ Hidden Bullish Divergence
+ Hidden Bearish Divergence

The zones included in the indicator are default and not meant to be used for all markets. The goal is to alter the bull/bear zones to find good breakout points and selloff points for your chosen security. Does not currently support automatic zone creation, or saving zones for each security (if that is even possible, may just need to create different layouts for each security).

版本注释: Added the following:
+ Moving average line added with custom settings
+ Toggle-able RSI and MA lines
+ Changed RSI color to be more visible
  • Added adjustable overbought and oversold lines
  • Made the RSI line width bigger
  • Reduced transparency of the red/green colors
  • Added ability to specify decimal places on the label
  • Added ability to toggle zones on and off
  • Added ability to toggle label on and off
  • Adjusted the label to be in a fixed position on the right side of the indicator
  • Added the ability to change RSI line color

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