Tradespot Horizon - Strategy & Alerts

Tradespot - Horizon is a long term trading algorithm that is run at Tradespot to generate consistent performance in all market conditions. Backtests show performance remains consistent in both bull and bear markets dated back to 2015 and has the capabilities to be utilitised in both spot trading or using low leverage (e.g. 3X).

The default settings are built for BTCUSD 8H. Just plug and play, no configuration needed to achieve the exact backtest displayed above.

  • Trade following signals generated via our bespoke algorithm
  • Full customisation to allow a deeper use of the indicator across different assets
  • Full risk management with take profit and stop loss levels (configurable) built in
  • Preset for BTCUSD on the 8H timeframes avaliable instantly for your use.
  • Cornix compatible alerts - with the easiest of configurations you can automate this execution of this strategy.
  • More features being added all the time, we have great ideas and our only limitation is how fast we can program it.

Can I get a free trial?
Yes! Get in touch for a complimentary 24 hour free trial to the indicator, no strings attached.

Who are you?
Tradespot has been creating scripts for years on TradingView that we use to leverage our social trading and signal group offerings. We currently have over $200K in assets trading with our strategies across over 300 users.

You can learn more about us on our website or DM me directly. Please reach out to me or see the link on our profile.
版本注释: Adding Cornix Channel Integration
版本注释: Added Cornix Channel Posting Support
版本注释: Added custom backtest timeframes.
版本注释: Added Alertatron Support
版本注释: V2 Released.

Support & Resistance added.

Profitability increased all traded pairs.
版本注释: Fixed Alerts
版本注释: Fix
版本注释: Fixed Alerts
版本注释: V3.0 Released

Want to run this script against your FTX or Binance Futures account? We offer a complete managed service to do so using exchange API keys.

For more information please visit
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