Multicheck NYSE GORC

This script is an extension of GORC Indicator, it allows to verify if any of 22 different ticker symbols belowing to Nyse Composite Exchange accomplish with a green candle is over a red candle after a rebound in the exponential average of 20 periods, or had a rebound in teh simple moving average of 50 periods

The script will check the condition described above in any timeframe you are positioned. For example: In you are checking INTC (it doesn't matters the ticker symbol you are analyzing) in 4 hours timeframe, the script will check all the 22 ticker symbols selected in order to accomplish the condition, after that if you change to other timeframe, like 5 minutes, ths script will check again but this time in 5 minutes period for the 22 ticker symbols pre-selected, and so on

You can select any of the ticker symbols that belows to the Nyse Composite Exchange. Maximun number of ticker symbols = 22