Classic Candlestick on Range Chart

Hello traders!

This is my first script to share with everyone! As of right now the range candles on Tradingview are lacking the option to see range charts using the classic candlesticks . This script allows you to overlay a regular candlestick or heikin-ashi candlestick on a range chart!! Unfortunately, the only bar that cannot be a candlestick is the current bar. Once that bar has completed its range then it will update to a regular candlestick .

Install / Use instructions!
-For the best visual appearance it is important to set the transparency of up bars and down bars to 0. This setting is found in the main chart settings under SYMBOL. However, if you want to see the current unfinished range bar you need to set the "projection up bars" and "projection down bars" to the color you prefer.

-To change the colors of the candlesticks is found under the indicator settings like any other script!

版本注释: -Make default border color slightly brighter
版本注释: -Update image


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