Reticulata Enhanced - Strategy

This script is the backtesting for Reticulata Enhanced.

Building on our core script - Reticulata, the enhanced version features several requested extras to give you more flexibility with your trading style.

What is Reticulata Enhanced?
The Reticulata core leverages a blend of MA/ RSI strategies mixed with the Bull Bear Bots optimised logic for risk management. This enhanced version takes it a step further with additional risk management features:
  • Trailing Stop
  • Fixed Stop
  • Fixed Stop, but move at TP
  • Trend confirmation

Using the indicator is as simple as:
1. Select the strategy, or combination of strategies you want to use
2. If desired, select one or more of the available trend filters
3. Adjust your stop options
4. Review backtest results

Like the core, the enhanced algo also supports a range of markets and timeframes, including the majors ( EURUSD , etc...) in Forex and a variety of Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin ( BTC /XBT etc...).

All of our scripts are designed for manual traders but are ready to use with automated trading bots.

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Can I acess?
Looks great, may I have access please?
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