Customisable Moving Averages x5

This is a Moving Averages pack with 5 lines.
This indicator is different from others because with it you can select the MA type used in calculations for each line.

Available MA types are (currently):
  • SMA
  • EMA
  • WMA
  • VWMA
  • RMA
  • HMA

Also configurable (for each line) are data source (open, close, hlc3, etc) and period.
  • Added Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA)
  • Reordered input options
版本注释: Fixed my demo graph (it was showing some random things I'm testing with :D)
版本注释: Added 2 new moving averages:
  • Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
  • Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average (ZLEMA)
版本注释: Updates:
  • Reorganised inputs with the new (march 12) Pine updates
  • Added Symmetrically Weighted Moving Average (SWMA) - it does use period in the calculation, so if you select this in a certain MA line, any period set will be ignored (in that specific MA line of course)
  • Removed VWMA (see below why)
  • Added option to make moving averages volume-weighted

The Volume-Weighted Moving Average is calculated with the following (example) formula:

sma(close * volume, 20) / sma(volume, 20)

  • "close" is the data source, default is close but it can be set as open, high, HL2 (which means (high + low)/2), HLC3 (which means (high + low + close)/3), etc.
  • 20 is the period example, you can type in any amount of candlesticks

So, by the same principle, it's possible to make any other moving average volume-weighted.
Then VWMA was removed because it became redundant (it is exactly like SMA with volume-weighted enabled).
Keep in mind: this makes the moving average lines more "rough" (it becomes much less smoothed) if enabled.
版本注释: Updates:
  • Some code improvements
  • Renamed RMA to SMMA
    This specific moving average is known by several different names, but the most common name is SMMA.
    But as some people know it by other names, I'm posting the popular ones here
    - RMA (Rolling Moving Average)
    - SMMA (Smoothed Moving Average)
    - Wilder's Exponential Moving Average
    - Adjusted Exponential Moving Average

  • Added option to config offset of moving averages (moving them left and right to compensate for lag)
  • Added Triangular Moving Average (TMA)
  • Welles Wilder's Moving Average (simply "Wilder's" in the options)
版本注释: Redundancy in previous update:
- Welles Wilder's Moving Average (simply "Wilder's" in the options)
are the same thing, sorry for the mistake :(

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