3MA'S + KAMA Trend (20EMA,50MA,200MA + KAMA Trend)

This indicator, combines the traditional FOREX moving averages (20EMA, 50ma, 200ma) into a single indicator with
an adaptive moving average (AMA) taken from a user defined timeframe to show trend direction (by default, it plots
the daily 10/2/34 KAMA overlayed on any timeframe chart.

An AMA moves slowly when markets are sideways but swiftly during periods of volatility as a result it reacts much fast than
traditional options for moving average trends.

If the price is above the KAMA , trend is up. Below the KAMA , trend is down.
版本注释: *** 06-21-2020 Version 2 released

- includes the KAMA cross strategy by default
- Bit of Menu organisation
- Default KAMA Cross strategy is 10/2/34 - 4hr KAMA crossing the 10/5/34 - 1D Kama
版本注释: New Chart View - Please note I disabled the 20/50/200ma for this screenshot to highlight the KAMA strategy.

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