Position Size Calculator - Fixed Dollar amount, point value ATR

Hello Traders,

A very simple code aiming to help you size your position, according to the amount you're accepting to lose AND the current volatility ATR.

Why is it important to use ATR size ? Markets move, and having fixed stoploss values will lead to getting stopped out in case of volatility increase.

You also need to size down your trades in case of more volatily, as more points can be taken or lost.

Hope it helps!

Kudos to Racer9 who inspired me :
版本注释: Removed the precision roundup, as some products allow fractional trading.

And it's safer to take round low, than up.
版本注释: Added timeframe selection and organized the code a little
版本注释: Added average sizing position : middle between user defined stoploss, and ATR stoploss. Provides an in between risk management


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