Well, I often had arguments in online forum with a guy who claimed to time the market perfectly without any technical analysis or prior experience. He often claimed that technical analysis does not work and it only works when you trade on other's emotions. He also argued that algorithmic trading isn't profitable - if so, everyone would do that. Hence, I thought I will convert his idea to algorithm.

In his own words, the strategy is as below:

  • Chose an instrument which is in full uptrend.
  • Wait for the panic sell and buy the dip
  • Once market recovers back exit immediately

It seems to do just fine with indexes. But, not so good when it comes to stocks.
版本注释: Reduce initial capital to 10k to avoid getting moderated. Cannot reduce further as buy operation will not work on index otherwise.

Have kept 100% equity without compounding so that it will be easier to compare with buy and hold.
版本注释: Remove calc_on_order_fills

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