RedK_9/30 Trader_v1: aka The Musician

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This is my implementation of a simple trading system inspired by the 9/30 trading strategy, which i came across few years ago. i hope some traders are still using it :)

(please google "9/30 trading strategy" if you're not sure what it is)

- the improvements i added focus on: faster (long/short) signals, discovery of best entry "zone", ride the trend
- no exit option, trader can use a pre-set target, a trailing stop, or any other mechanisms
- i tried to explain some of the definitions and rules on the below chart
- in spite if its simplicity, the 9/30 has a lot to offer - different traders will also use it differently and add their own "do's and don't's"

default settings should be adjusted to suit timeframe, type of trader and what is being traded (Stocks, FOREX,..etc) - the concept itself is very flexible and well-tested for mechanical trading.

code-named "The Musician" due to the 5-line plot :)

i will continue to improve this work whenever i find time - i liked it a lot.. (please tag the idea to receive the updates)

Extras and improvements (compared to the classic 9/30 concept)
* signal line is a smoothed zero-lag WMA of a shorter length (responds faster to trend change = faster signal)
* instead of a single longer MA line, we utilize an "average range" -based channel (not ATR, but provides the same concept) to provide the ideal "entry zones" in both directions - an adjustable multiplier is included in the settings to adjust the channel width
* adds an optional long EMA as additional filter (take longs only above, take shorts only below)
* clearer visualization

What's next:
* clean-up code
* add signals (arrow-up & arrow-dn) for entry and for exit
* tri-color signal line (green on long, red on short, gray on no trade)
* other options for the channel (ATR-based, DC center-line..etc)
* other MA-type options for the Filter MA (SMA, WMA ?)
* maybe: convert to strategy and back-test

Please feel free to explore and test - Comments and feedback are welcome.
Good Luck!
v2 adds:
- Options for the center line (channel type): WMA, EMA or a Donchian Center line
- Options for the channel style & band: Close Change, Bar Range, True Range, ATR
These settings allow much more flexibility - but need to be tested and tweaked until trader can see a workable "entry zone" based on the underlying and the trader's own timeframe & style
- Code Clean-up
v3 adds some more code clean-up and 4 type options for the signal line (WMA, EMA, Zero-Lag WMA, and Hull MA) for a total 48 set-up variations
update code to use the instead of "transp"
v4 final tweaks
- adjusts some defaults
- adjusts the way the plots are filled for improved visual

here are some example of variations -- i plan to post a more detailed guide soon

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