BTC Multi Exchange Perpetual Premium

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This script tracks the premium/ discount of Bitcoin perpetual contracts at various exchanges.

The premium/ discount is calculated against an index price. The index price is calculated from spot exchange prices and are weighted as follows:

Coinbase: 38,07%
Gemini: 7,34%
Kraken: 20,28

The difference between this script and other available scripts, is that exciting script seems to only focus on one exchange. This script is also open source.
版本注释: Fixed an error showing using spot instead of perpetual price.
版本注释: Fixed a calculation error.
版本注释: Added a few more exchanges.

Added the possibility to select the reference price. Choises are Bitmex Indices (as used in previous script) and Tradingviews index. Default is the TradingView index.
版本注释: Added choice to include OKEX and Houbi exhcanges. These exchanges are on different timezones and produces irratic results on higher timeframes (12 hr and up?). These exchanges are left out by default, but can be included on lower timeframes.

Also Bitmex indices are updated (still default to Tradingviews index as reference.
版本注释: Updated Bitmex Indices
版本注释: Fixed calculation error
版本注释: Updated Bitmex indices. Also, added Coinbase BTCUSD as a choice for reference price.

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