[RS]Triangular Moving Average Slope Indicator V1

request for ChartArt: using swma () builtin function, for the function unsmoothed output just set length to 1.
版本注释: Sugested by BryceWH.
Added a option for displaying multiple timeframe(MTF) values, if the MTF values are are to wide in difference it might shrink the oscillator so the plots can be hidden from the style options manually.
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So this is now a Triangular Moving Average (source) which is smoothed by a Triangular Moving Average (tma) ?
yes, cant smooth the source directly as it doesnt have a length setting
ChartArt RicardoSantos
ok, the result of this double smoothing is interesting
IvanLabrie ChartArt
Try 5 and 10 periods, and see if they agree.
Go one to the daily for 4h trading, to filter if long or short.
Small slope is ranging.
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