Super trend V

Just attempt to make the super trend to work better
buy and sell are shown also alerts
it attempt to improve super trend vpt that i put earlier , maybe i need to add more things to make it better? but i think it ok
版本注释: add function of Take profit based on Vwap if you want to use it
length is 150 so you can play with it ( i like rnages of 50-to 200)
版本注释: minor change
版本注释: another minor change
从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本


Superb work.. can you make it strategy
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Hello everyone!

I am new here at tradingview so maybe my question is really dumb. I dont have any perticular question about this script but more in general.

I have tried this 30-day free trial but after that i am thinking about premier membership, in this premium membership you can have 400
alarms total. I have 6 different scripts i wanna use on 65 stocks, what i dont understand or wondering about is if i have to have all charts
open for 65 stocks to make it work? That would be a problem then becuase i havent found that you can have more than 8 windows open at the same time. So my question is if the stock has to be open in the chart to make the alarms active or do they trigger anyway?

By the way, i love your scripts RafaelZioni, thank you for sharing!

Hope someone can answer me. thanks in advance.

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Satti-2020 Sir_Micke
@Sir_Micke, you have to use Stock screener
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sultanfx7 Satti-2020
@Satti-2020, is there forex screener
cloudninee Sir_Micke
@Sir_Micke, if you setup your alert then you don't even have to have the charts open. When a signal appears the alert will come to your app.
Sir_Micke cloudninee
@cloudninee, Thank you for your answer, i just realized that too after trying this with the stocks. Working fine and i am very happy with the alarms.


Great job as always, will try it on forex 4 hr. Any repaint warnings or all ok?
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RafaelZioni CarlORourke
@CarlORourke, no repaint
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Hello I want it as a strategy Do you have any suggestions?
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great work thx for published
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