3C MACD & RSI Scalper no repaint

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This is not a set and forget strategy. It needs constant tweaking to maintain a high winrate. Also what works on one pair can be horrible on another.

This strategy works best on the 1 min or 5 min TF but also works well on the 15 min. Haven't done any testing in higher TF's as im only interested in scalping.
If enabled you can retrive data on the MACD and RSI from any timeframe.

The strategy do not repaint.

You can filter on sessions as well as days. Often trading during say only the EU times and not trading during weekends yields better results. This is because weekeds and eg. the Asia Sessions are alot less volatile.

You do not need a 3c subscription to run this strategy as the bot turns on and off the bot itself.
Instructions for the 3commas connector:
1. First, you need to prepare 3commas Long/Short bots that will only listen to custom TV signals.
2. Inputs for the 3commas bot can be found at the end of the user inputs.
3. Once you have entered the required details into the inputs, turn on 3commas comments. They should appear on the chart (looks messy).
4. Now you can add the alert where you should paste the 3commas Webhook URL: https://3commas.io/trade_signal/trading_...
5. For the alert message text insert the placeholder {{strategy.order.comment}} and delete the rest. 6. Once the alert is saved, you can turn off those 3commas comments to have a clearer chart.
7. With a new alert, the bot and trade should launch.

Long or Short trades are determined with a crossing of the fast MA over the slow MA for Long and the opposite for Short. Trades should only happen close to the crossovers.
You can select from various different MA's and of course lenghts. I often find that using HEMA as the fast MA and DEMA as the slow give more trades while also maintaining a high winrate.

Then for Long we use the MACD indicator where we look for high peaks in negative values for Long and vice versa for Shorts. These should be significantly higher than other peaks (or if you will lower peaks for a Long).
The key is to detect high peaks on the histogram, which we will try to achieve by checking if the last 2 values were higher than X bars back. If you want to make it even more specific, then you can turn on the additional checkbox which compares the current value to the average value of X bars back, and if it is greater than, say, 72% the value of the average then it's ok to enter the trade.

The RSI filter, sets the maximum RSI threshold for a long position and the minimum for a short. By default and what i recomend is that you enter Longs when RSI is above 50 and shorts when RSI are below 50.
-You can set confirmation of the trade direction with RSI , i.e. for Long the RSI must rise a specified number of bars back, vice versa for Short.

Enabling the pullback filter is great to avoid Longing tops and Shorting bottoms.

Whats ahead. I really want to incorporate RSI divergencies, but haven't figured out how yet. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Have a look at my other strategies. They are similar to this but works abit differently.

The 3 strike line and the engulfing candles are not something that has an impact on the script yet, and might never be. But i do like to turn them on for a visual to see if the trade the strategy opened is a good one.
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