Edward PriceAction

This is an updated version of my previous script, I have added a few extra Patterns and some patterns specs have chnaged over those specified by "Price Action Battle Station by theforexguy".
Because this script has diverted from the original specification of "theforexguy", I have decided to release it as a new version. Improvements have been made to some of the pattern finding calculations, for example Hammer and Shooting Stars are now special Pin Bars, they now must have preceding and succeeding confirm bars, so they do not occur very often.

NOTE: All the identification of PA candles is disabled by default.

Changes made in Version 2.0 :
Added Forex Morning and Evening Stars (the centre small candle is not a specific color).
Abbreviated text names for less cluttered look.
Change minimum/maximum bar sizes to be a % of current ATR, rather than pips, this makes relative sizing independent on Time Frame, and make the script work better with non-currency assets like stocks and commodities .
Change definition of Hammer and shooting Star so the the previous candle is part of a trend and is followed by a confirm candle.
Added some precendence test to reduce multiple action labels.

版本注释: After some feedback from fellow traders I have made the following changes:

Definition for Outside Bar now does not require the previous bar to be opposite Colour (this the same as Inside Bars), but added a requirement for minimum size ratio compared to previous Bar (set to 1.1 by default). If you require previous Bar to be opposite colour, you could use Engulfing candles with Outside Bar option enabled.
Added Maximum size ratio requirement for Inside Bars (set to 0.9 by default).

版本注释: Minor Update.
Added OverSized candle Pattern, the pattern is labelled when candle is some ratio (default 5) bigger than current ATR of chart time frame.
Added Option to Change ATR Length.

版本注释: Patch
Correct Polarity of Oversize Bar labelling.

价格行为交易,此指标能够显示出来K线所代表的意思,比如PB就是PINBAR的意思 就是倒锤头线,反转概率大于延续概率。
OB就是吞没的意思,不管是阴吞没还是阳吞没 我们根据PA入场就行,标准是回撤50%入场。而ODJI就是黄昏星,启明星的意思。
数值和样式都 可以设置,在不懂指标的前提下推荐使用默认设置。只负责打勾勾就行。确认后就能够看到图表上面显示的指标了。

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