Leledc levels (IS)

LeveLeledc - Exhaustion levels (InSilico)

Method for zero confirmation support/resistance level detection using Leledc Exhaustion Bars

Study is extension/mod of glaz script ,its implementing simple but unorthodox use-case for "Leledc Exhaustion Bars"

More information on core function in source scripts page ->

P.s Written quickly and spontaneously
Dec 28
版本注释: :)
Mar 14
版本注释: Exhaustion points clearer to see
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@InSilico this looks sweet. Any way to create alerts for when the level is painted?
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Lush !
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InSilico syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, Lllluuushhhh :D
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Taking this mf to the 3s chart, LFG!
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