4H CCI Strategy 1.5

Included adaptive lot size based on ATR, and also ATR based stop and take profit levels.
Risk/reward increased to 1:2 and should work in all ranging FX pairs as long as they are not trending.
Once the market starts trending it'll eat this bot alive.


Ivan Labrie
Time at Mode FX

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strategy("4H CCI Strategy 1.5", overlay=true)
length = input( 11 )
overSold = input( -100 )
overBought = input( +100 )
price1 = high
price2 = low
ucci = cci(price1, length)
dcci = cci(price2, length)
tp = (atr(66))*600000
sl = (atr(66))*300000
trade_size = (1000/sl)*100000
strategy.entry("CCILE", strategy.long, comment="CCILE",qty=trade_size, when=crossover(dcci, overSold))
strategy.exit(id="CCILE", profit = tp, loss = sl)
strategy.entry("CCISE", strategy.short, comment="CCISE",qty=trade_size,when=crossunder(ucci, overBought))
strategy.exit(id="CCISE", profit = tp, loss = sl)
//plot(strategy.equity, title="equity", color=red, linewidth=2, style=areabr)