DepthHouse - MaxADX Layover

This indicator takes our MaxADX a step further by giving possible trend change signals.

MaxADX combines directional information and smoothed moving averages to help traders indicate trend reversals and strengthening trends. As you can see in the chart above this indicator makes it very easy to spot trend reversals in trending markets.

How to use MaxADX Oscillator:

  • The top circles represent the immediate trend. Used as very early indication of trend changes and/or reversals

  • The solid line just below that represents the general trend direction. Green meaning up white red meaning down.

  • The histogram below that represents the general trend strength. A change in that indicate a reversal or a breakout in either direction.

The MaxADX Layover:
The layover then calculates three variables above, and determines the possible direction with symbols and/or bar colors which can easily be turned on or off.

Where this indicator falls short unfortunately, is its use in ranging markets.
Which leaves this as a great indicator for all beginners and professionals who prefer to trade in volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies.

This indicator will be free until January,1st 2018see how to get below


DepthHouse's MaxADX is 1 of 3 indicators that will be available for purchase via subscription come Jan 2018.
This indicator package will come with the following 3 indicators:

:: MaxADX ::
:: Premium oscillator to help spot forming trends and reversals.

:: MaxADX Signals ::
:: Taking MaxADX a step farther by creating an overlay that show possible trend strengthening and reversals via bar colors and shapes.

:: ATRBands ::
:: Like Bollinger Bands , this indicator is uses to help spot breakouts, and overbought/sold areas.


How to get:
To qualify for the trial period which ends January, 1st 2018, please go to the link in my bio and click subscribe!
You will then be sent directions for your account to be added to the whitelist.

If you have already subscribed, you will be added to the list shortly.
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can I try it?
oh92 PavelKalinin
@PavelKalinin, sure can! Just follow the direction at the bottom of the post
@oh92, Done!
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