Optimal 4H Moving Average Ribbon for ETH

Stolen from Madrid Moving Average Ribbon : 2.0 : MMAR
Adapted for 4H optimal EMAs

This plots a moving average ribbon, please use the exponential not the standard.
It is based on a constant calculation of the most profitable EMAs to trade on the 4H time frame for Ethereum!
Thus the values will be updated with time as they change.
As an example trading the EMA 167 will return ~17742% (15.8.2019)on initial investment starting March 2016, compared to holding giving ~1225%.
It is a simple price breaks above EMAs to go long and break below to go short strategy but I recomened waiting for the full twist.

Lime : Uptrend. Long trading
Green : Reentry (buy the dip) or downtrend reversal warning
Red : Downtrend. Short trading
Maroon : Short Reentry (sell the peak) or uptrend reversal warning

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