Open Close Cross Review(guikroth)_Buy And Sell_Alerts

This is just a review of Open Close Strategy By @JayRogers and edition By JustUncleL

So please,
// Credits To
// Original Author: @JayRogers
// Revision Author: JustUncleL revisions 3, 4, 5

// Actual Version: @guikroth
i Just change some parameters and set Alerts Buy And Sell to TV.

This Script use "Security" function, so maybe its repainting

版本注释: Is Repainting!
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
is there a way to make it not repaint?
guikroth fabonacci
Hi, @fabonacci, removing the security function..
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fabonacci guikroth
@guikroth, could you send me a snipped of the function being removed as is it linked to the entire plotting.
guikroth fabonacci
@fabonacci, If you remove the Security function, then it will change everything. I still dont know how create something similar to security, without security.
fabonacci guikroth
@guikroth, Ok gotcha. Hopefully you can find something that works similar to the security function but does not repaint.
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