Phantom - My Session Range

This is a modification of a script by RobMinty, "FXN - Asian Session Range" The script provides functionality to track specific trading sessions based on user preference rather than just the market sessions open and close. The idea is to help you hold yourself accountable to your specific trading times as well as backtest various marketing timings suitable to your schedule.

This script utilizes RobMinty's pine code to visualize your market session. We have adjusted the script to project the end of the session before the candles print - as well as adding/subtracting the horizontal and/or vertical lines around the current session box. This should help you understand how much time you have left in your session with a quick visual representation. While we have made some additions and adjustments to RobMinty's script- The inputs and functions of the combined script have not changed significantly from the originals. Like the originals, the code has been made open-source. If this script is reused or modified, please provide credit to RobMinty. If you plan to use this specific code with the ability to remove lines from the box and project session end forward, please credit both of us.


本着真正的TradingView精神,该脚本的作者将其开源发布,以便交易者可以理解和验证它。为作者喝彩!您可以免费使用它,但在出版物中重复使用此代码受网站规则的约束。 您可以收藏它以在图表上使用。