BO - KBSignal

BO - KBSignal show Put or Call Signal inoder to trade Binary Option.

A. Indicators
1. Keltner Channel %K (indicator was published in my scripts)
2. OBV's %B (indicator was published in my scripts)

B. Rule of Signal
1. Rule 1: No Signal
- %K is the highest of 3 periods => Possible a Pivot High
- %K is the lowest of 3 periods => Possible a Pivot Low
- Previous %K is greater than or equal 0.8 => Touch Resistance Zone
- Previous %K is less than or equal 0.2 => Touch Support zone

2. Rule 2: Sell and Buy Zone depend on 2 Indicators mentioned in A
- Sell zone = %K<0.45 and Obv's %B <0.45
- Buy zone = %K>0.55 and Obv's %B >0.55

3. Rule 3: Put and Call Signal
- Put Signal = Sell zone and not No Signal
- Call Signal = Buy zone and not No Signal

C. Alert
1. Signal alert = Put Signal or Call Signal alert
2. Put alert = Put Signal alert
3. call alert = Call Signal alert
版本注释: Update Sell and Buy Zone: add H1 & H4 trend
Sell =
and obvpB<0.45
and H1_trend<0
and H4_trend<0

Buy =
and obvpB>0.55
and H1_trend>0
and H4_trend>0
版本注释: Add RSI Multi Time Frame to Sell and Buy Zone
row80: and rsi_15rsi_H1 and rsi_H1>rsi_H4
从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本


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