Range Volume Change

I was looking for a way to see if today's premarket volume is higher or lower than the previous day's premarket, but did not find any, hence, I made my own which I share with you now.
I call it 'Range Volume Change' or just RVC.
RVC will show the percentage of change between the selected time range and the previous day for the same time range.
This will allow us to see if the volume is increasing or decreasing today compared to the previous day by a specific time range that we set in PVC settings. It can do more than just premarket, you can use it for any time range of your interest which will work on 24hours assets like crypto and forex.

RVC visualizes the incremental of the volume using increasing size columns giving you a better view of how the volume changes compared to the past. The column shows the accumulated volume from when the time range started.

As an extra feature, it will also show the volume percentage of change outside the time range (can be disabled from settings).
In addition, RVC is also designed to work on real-time data.

Example of BTCUSDT (24-hour asset) with volume 'outside the time range', enabled (purple columns):
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版本注释: Minor code cleanup
版本注释: Simple, yet powerful, The new update brings you the long-awaited feature, skipping any days of the week! Enjoy.

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