Engulfing Candles Detector

Hello traders

Credit to HPotter for that script

I took his script and added alerts to it. 2 lines lol
But anyway, useful to detect reversals by coloring bullish / bearish engulfing candles :)


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The alerts doesn't work with this script. Is there a fix or a special way to add it?
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Daveatt anas_abusalah
@anas_abusalah, what do you mean?
Did you try creating them?
@Daveatt, Yes, I added the script and the color of the engulfing candles changes correctly, but when trying to set an alert when either bullish or bearish engulfing candle occurs the alert is not triggered. The options of bullish and bearish engulfing candles show up in the alert list though.
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pomponorsay anas_abusalah
@anas_abusalah, were you able to resolve this? I'm having a same issue where the color changes but no alerts even after setting them active. I too see them on the alert tab but not the actual trigger.
congratulations on your work Daveatt, because when you add the alert does not appear, only the text, but not CurrencyPair and TimeFrame.
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Daveatt Dreadblitz
@Dreadblitz, totally normal as alert texts are not dynamic. I just provided a template here You'll have to update those in the alert configuration UI for each alert
Great job, thanks !
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you a good man for this.thank you.
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