EMA TEMA crossover


as usual recently the chart is bugged if I dare post a log one so I deleted and reposted...

here is a simple ema/team script that could allow you to catch trends.
You can play with parameters to get alerted of strong trends, or to detect trends early on.

I want to adapt this to an inside bar strategy, I am going to release that in a while, it is not my priority thought I am a countertrend trader, so I cannot say why, but what I have seen is inside bar breaks in very strong trends work very well.

There is a condition for this inidcator to work: you have to use it on a Heikin Ashi chart (the candle type, selectable in the area right of the timeframe).

Works sometimes. I advice backtesting any strategy before using. Idk maybe this could work decently, seems to have given big winners on bch recently. That huge one from 600 to 1800 lol. *3

* No one should pay for things this simple by the way...
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great! thank you, any updates planed?
Awesome mate, was looking forward to updated version...
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