Pivot of Pivot Reversal Strategy [QuantNomad]

Continue looking for more signifcant pivot points .
This script is based on my "Significant Pivot Reversal Strategy".
In this strategy I use concept of pivot of pivot points .
So for PoP I require that pivot highs point should have 2 lower pivot highs points around them and pivot low 2 higher pivot lows points.
Transparent lines represent usual pivot levels ints.
Not transparent lines represent pivot of pivot levels.

Link to original script:
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Namaste Sir, Sir this is Ravindra Verma. Sir kindly provide the Pine Script Code for the following Indicator.

I will be greatfull to you for the kind help.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravindra Verma
QuantNomad ravindraverma1988
@ravindraverma1988, Hi, it's not my code
@QuantNomad, I mean that in your above code you used the left bars 4 & right bars 2 & in this script the left bars are 60 & right bars are 30 with 4 pivots (2 above & 2 below), I am able to make only 2 out of 4 Pivots. Kindly help me with the same.
good idea
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