cRSI + Waves Strategy with VWMA overlay

Strategy based on my cRSI with motive/corrective wave indicator. Please note that it is far from perfect. I use it mostly to help me identify good entry and exit points when combined with my other technical analysis . It misses some obvious points, but on average it does pretty well. The challenge often is indicating when you have sufficient change in the cRSI to know that the trend has changed, that means sometimes it can be a little early or late. It definitely helps take a lot of the guess work out of things. It works better on some equities than others and better on some time frames than others. You just have to play with it. At the minimum, it is a good template to learn how to write your own.
版本注释: Another attempt to fix a bug with the cRSI. Previous fix caused some waves to be missed. The new fix seems to work with out issue.

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Very nice. Have you ever looked into the squeeze indicator on simpler trader? I'd pay to have that indicator on trading view!!
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Thank you!
This indicator Will Only Work If You Are A Billionaire Who Can Buy And Hold +500 Contracts Of A Stock Or Commodity Continuously
First Of All , It Determines Pretty "Not Bad" Entry & Exit Points , But You've To Be Careful That It Can Give Entry Points Only For A Week
The Bottom Line is : This Script Assume That You Can Buy & Sell Infinite Amounts (That You Can't Control That In Settings Due To Line 954 & 916)
So , It's Classified Under "Maximize The Profit Virtually" , Because Even After Backtesting And Modifying The Code, It Never Balance Longs & Shorts
So I'd Say Never Get Very Happy With This indicator Although I Appreciate The 990 Line Coding , But I Hope It Was Done For Something Useful
@Treck, I don't disagree. I use to help identify good entry and exit points. It helps bring attention to key events without having to guess. It is no where near perfect, and it is not meant to be something that you can put on autopilot and forget about. I posted it at the minimum to give other people some template code they can use to make their own strategy.
very nice thanks