Wedge and Flag Finder (Multi - zigzag)

Here is a small attempt to automatically identify wedges and flags.

Tradingview standard wedge checks for only 4 pivots . In this version, I have considered 5 pivots instead - which can help reduce noise as 4 pivots forming wedge can be quite common. In future, will also try to add more pivots in pattern recognition to make the signal more accurate.

If wedge comes with a tail, then it is marked as flag :)
Settings are quite simple and they are as shown below

版本注释: Few updates

  • You can now select wedge based on 5 or 6 pivots (defined in settings)
  • Theme based colouring option added in the settings. Now users can chose either dark or light theme (Refers to chart background theme).
  • Option added in settings to hide zigzag lines and labels within wedge.
  • Angle based logic are refined as well as the settings. Angle restrictions are by default not selected as they often can be unreliable.

Snapshot of the latest settings screen look like this:
  • Added alert upon new pattern formation.
  • Added labels for wedge

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