High Low Reversal

This bot makes use of an algorithm which detects new highs and lows. When doing long trades, the bot will trigger a buy order on a newly made low. When making shorts, the bot will trigger a short trade on new highs.

Currently, the bot is optimized for cryptocurrencies on the M15 time frame. With the right amount of leverage and portfolio optimization this bot can obtain very strong results.
Feel free to optimize it to your own liking on different assets and/or time frames.

This bot performs exceptionally well in trending markets. Currently, it's only making long trades, but you can make it do short trades in the control panel.

The settings of the back test as follows:
starting capital = 100k
leverage = 1
commission = 0.2%
Equity per trade = 50%. Since the bot only makes one trade at a time you can allow it to use a bigger portion of your balance per trade.

I've also made a study-script for easy implementation on the exchange. You get that script once you get access to this bot.

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You can ask me to try it out. For prolongued access visit my website