[B] hamster-bot ZZ Breakout reversal strategy

Attention! This is a beta version of the strategy script >> <<
A backtest should only be done if you understand how the options work. Otherwise, do a test in the release version
版本注释: sma distance filter
版本注释: new Take Profit and Stop Loss
版本注释: separate long capital and short capital
MA types selection
版本注释: MA distance filter
版本注释: DF
版本注释: between TP updated
版本注释: actual version 220
版本注释: between levels
版本注释: Detection source price
版本注释: DeepHigh - min profit fix
版本注释: MA filter updated
版本注释: VWMA MA type added
版本注释: visualisation fix
版本注释: SMA filter updated.
版本注释: ATR filter
版本注释: ATR filter indicator
版本注释: ATR time-frames fix
版本注释: 1 entry option
版本注释: MA filter fix
版本注释: MA function updated for ATR filter
版本注释: SL between levels
版本注释: new ATR MA
版本注释: 1 entry fix
版本注释: 1 entry fix
版本注释: 1 entry fix
版本注释: 1 entry fix
版本注释: VWMA
版本注释: new Plot titles
版本注释: distance calculation formula fixed
版本注释: new option for test "single entry"
版本注释: After closing
版本注释: new trend filter
版本注释: upd Trend Filter
版本注释: New timestamp input
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Hi sir how do I find your other scripts?
+1 回复
hi brother , how to take entry using this indicator? when candle closes above green line or green line is reversal line ?
hamster-bot loguthegilli
@loguthegilli, green line is reversal line. A stop order is placed along the level line to enter a position or a reversal.
Does it repaint ???
hamster-bot gaurangnnj
@gaurangnnj, No. The script has many users and positive reviews. This script works honestly without repainting.

If you have suspicions, this is possible due to a bug with the wrong lot size when using the ATR filter and viewing the chart in real time.
what is the diffirence between this one and the other one?
hamster-bot Fredflinstone
@Fredflinstone, There are two options for the backtest strategy script. The simplified version and the advanced version . There are more options and options.
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