Estimated Time At Price [Kioseff Trading]


This script uses the same formula as the recently released "Volume Delta" script to ascertain lower timeframe values.

Instead, this script looks to estimate the approximate time spent at price blocks; all time estimates are in minute.second format.

The image above shows functionality. Time spent at price levels/blocks are estimated in duration. The highest estimated block is the highlighted level and a POC line is extended right until violated. Colors, the presence of POC lines and whether they're removed subsequent violation are all configurable.

As show in the image above, the data is displayable in an additional format. When select the "non-classic" format shown above - precise price levels are calculated and the estimated time spent at those levels is summed and displayed right of the current bar. The off-colored level (yellow in the example) denotes the price level encompassing the highest *estimated* time spent.

You can deselect the neon effect and choose to have the script recalculate after any conceivable amount of time has passed.

The script can also calculate for the most current bar should you configure it to do so.

That's all! (for now). A quick/easy script building off an existing foundation.

If you've any ideas for features and ways to "spice up" this script please let me know (: I'll gladly incorporate requests.

Thank you!

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