ALL In ONE PivotBOSS Indicator_by Soumya

This is an all in one pivotboss price action indicator, combines numbers of features. It includes CPR pivots , Camarilla pivots , Value area with POC , tomorrows pivot levels and also candlestick reversal triggers. For a particular time frame say D, W or M all the pivots will show in one click. For intraday purpose PDH , PDL is also added. This indicator will help intraday as well as swing trader. All this feature in one indicator you will not found anywhere.
版本注释: Updated version:
1. Label has been shifted to right in future time, so that chart will be clear.
2. Previous day mid-point added.
3. One click On/off feature for candle stick reversal system.
版本注释: In this new version previous week high, low and close has been enabled.
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Where should we use this code? can you please share ..
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debraj11 HimzRinks
@HimzRinks, In indicators you can find by the name.
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@debraj11, I cant find the indicator bro, please help me
Thanks a lot Soumya. Its people like you who make the world a better place.
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Its great combination Soumya ! I am using this CPR for long and am looking at the CPR+VWAP+ST+At least 2 MA. Just a suggestion, with CPR , along with current/today's
1. If you can inject VWAP + ST + MA (at lease 2 MAs), more MAs will be helpful to analyse Day Week Monthly periods for sweing trades along with Intraday
1. If you can also inject for RSI and Volume with MA (configurable) at the bottom ribbon , then all these would be a lethal combo ..

Thanks for understanding. regards.
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Great work. Thank you
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Thank You - Nice Work :)
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Thank you so much.
Good job thanks a lot soumya
Thanks, Soumaya for sharing.. it's a game changer for me...god bless you..
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