.-MTR Trend Follower REDX + Alert v0.3

RSI + Ema strategy and SMMA line's (21-100-200).
Alert option added.

SET UP Heikin-Ashi and you are pretty much good to go.

Technical Information
I prefer to use it on the major time-frames. [Crypto = Weekly and Daily - Stocks = Weekly - Monthly - Forex = untested]
Alert option added, noise cleared on the overall chart.
Added a lot of options, they can disabled by the Indicator settings, each one have an option or more.

Personal view and advice
That said, you can find your way on the 4h chart, something also on the 2h-1h too, that's depend by the movement of the market that you are working on : The more volatility , the higher TF you should trade, the less volatility , the less the TF should look at. (By a scalper prospective).

But a "trend-catcher-trader" or a "Trend-follower" should not be focused on the lower Time-Frames, just wait until the indicator show a clear signs.

This is an update for the .-1 MikeTheRuleTA - aiKel Trend Follower beta 1W + 1D

[A wiki will be available in the next updates of the MTR indicator]

Final words

Ask all you want

I hope I did a good job to bring this little tool together to let you use it, same as I do.

版本注释: Clean chart.

Thank you /u/PineCoders/
版本注释: Correction submitted by Dark. Thank you bud

Style Settings Medium SMMA line had "200" instead of "100"
版本注释: Few Fix
从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本


Love this scripts, thx!
How can I set an alert when the Trend Smoothed Indicator changes color?
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