[blackcat] L2 Eyman Oscillator

Level 2


Eyman Oscillator


The Eyman oscillator is also an analytical indicator derived from the moving average principle, which reflects the deviation between the current price and the average price over a period of time. According to the principle of moving average, the price trend can be inferred from the value of OSC. If it is far from the average, it is likely to return to the average. OSC calculation formula: Take 10-day OSC as an example: OSC = closing price of the day - 10-day average price Parameter setting: The period of the OSC indicator is generally 10 days; the average number of days of the OSC indicator can be set, and the average line of the OSC indicator can also be displayed. OSC judgment method: Take the ten-day OSC as an example: 1. The oscillator takes 0 as the center line, the OSC is above the zero line, and the market is in a strong position; if the OSC is below the zero line, the market is in a weak position. 2. OSC crosses the zero line. When the line is up, the market is strengthening, which can be regarded as a buy signal. On the contrary, if OSC falls below the zero line and continues to go down, the market is weak, and you should pay attention to selling. The degree to which the OSC value is far away should be judged based on experience.


This is a Level 2 free and open source indicator.

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