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Hello everyone,

Following up on my first bot, I've tuned my algorithm to work with Bitcoin Cash . In order to get rid of these nasty (and sometimes costly) indecision points, I've just enabled the 'Recalculated After Order Fill' option, which... well, recalculates the algorithm on the spot (instead of waiting for 1 additional bar) for situations where a signal is immediately followed by a conflicting signal, effectively cancelling it out. Obviously you have to rely on your own judgement if that happens in a real world scenario. However, in this simulated environment, this change resulted in a 0% risk, whereas the gain exceeded 800% with an initial capital of $100'000.

Again, in order for the results to be as accurate as possible, I've averaged the date from all major exchanges.

All of this is free to use for you, and you are welcome to share it.
If you like it, please give me a follow on Trading View & Twitter .
If you have any requests or suggestions/concerns, please let me know!

- This algorithm works best for Heikn Ashi candles, but I'm working on improving it for normal candles
- This is not financial advice (I'm in chemistry, not finance), so do your own research

版本注释: - Works better with normal candles now, as internal calculations are forced to be done on Heikin Ashi, regardless of chosen candle format
- Added Overbought/Oversold conditions (orange) with adjustable threshold, based on normalized price action helper indicator

Reminder: Only for use with BCHUSD, as it draws data from specific exchanges!
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Material Indicators
Hi @Mtrl_Scientist It does not work here. I get the error that your order's limit (2000) was reached. Can you check this please?

@Dianthus, You need to increase the time frame. Trading View only allows up to 2000 orders.
very good
Mtrl_Scientist seba3y197373
@seba3y197373, thanks!
Very responsive
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