StrategyTOstudy LongGorila [CODE WITHOUT PYRAMIDING]

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This code is fofr you to change it and transform a strategy into a study and avoid pyramiding just by editting this lines

longcondition= buy_entry and buy_zone
shortcondition= sell_entry and sell_zone

like this

longcondition= 'YOUR CONDITION HERE'
shortcondition= 'YOUR CONDITION HERE'

and using your own conditions

This particular strategy is only as example and not for actual trading, this code is only to be edited an used to transform your strategies into studies to get alerts
Jan 20
版本注释: //The objective of this code is to transforma a strategy into a study and avoid pyramiding. You only have to copy the srategy code into the first part and
//modify the "entry and exit definitions" with your own from your strategy

//This is a code for taking long and short positions and so the closing code. If you want to work in a buy/sell scenario this is not going to work as it is
//functions declared are only as an examble and doesnt give a good result for actual trading
Feb 17
版本注释: Update for easy of use
Feb 17
版本注释: just variables
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