Alpha Gold - FTX:ETC Perpetual Contract Direction & Divergences

This is only for ETCPERP on the FTX exchange.

The FTX suite of perp indicators is easy to follow giving bar color indicating a direction, with divergence labels for confluence or early warnings or a possible reversal.

Alerts are built-in and working.
No Repainting nonsense.

  • The divergence labels will plot in a previous location where the divergence started. If there is any issue from users I will remove/alter how that is plotted but it is done that way to show where you would start to look for the divergence if you are to plot it manually in the indicator tile.
  • This indicator will ONLY work for the ticker it is built for. It will not plot if you try and apply it to a different ticker.

  • This indicator detects divergences between a momentum-based indicator and price using a minimum of 2 highs/lows.
  • The divergence labels location (top or bottom of the indicator tile) indicates if it is a divergence off the highs or lows
  • The divergence labels color indicates what kind of divergence the indicator is having from price
  • Green bar color represents a LONG opportunity
  • Red bar color represents a SHORT opportunity

For info on gaining access see the link below in our signature field to join our Discord and DM any of the Alpha TEAM members.
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