ATR Targets - JD

A simple visual representation of ATR trading targets.
The indicator shows ATR targets (TP and SL) from the last swing points (if you entered there)

There is an option to chose targets for a long or short position.

JD .
#NotTradingAdvice #DYOR

I build these indicators for myself and provide them open source, to use for free to use and improve upon,
as I believe the best way to learn is toghether.
If, however, you value these contributions, feel free to leave a little something in the tip-jar for my next coffee break ;-)
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版本注释: Changed the entry value to the "close" at the time of the "pivot signal" instead of the pivot value itself, to have more realistic entry and target points.

版本注释: Added the option to chose between "Average True Range" (ATR) and "Average Pivot Range" (APR) trading targets.

The "APR" or "Average Pivot Range" is an indicator I created that calculates the difference between the highest and the lowest points of the last price swing (the last Pivot Range) and takes an average of that "swing amplitude" over a given lookback period.

The indicator shows ATR targets (TP and SL) from the close of the candle when the swing is detected (to give a realistic entry point)
or, in the case of APR, at the last high or low swing points (to show the likely expected extend of the move to the next swing point).

For the APR, the Average Range is calculated seperately for the 'up" and "down" moves, so the expected up move will be different to an expected down move,
because of that a factor of "1" is recommended for both TP and SL when using APR.

版本注释: Changed screenshot to APR version

版本注释: Changed faulty logic in APR targets.

版本注释: Updated script to separate the zones better.
Thanks to Scarff for the code!!!

版本注释: Modified the averaging logic and removed errors in target calculations for APR

版本注释: code cleanup
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
Several functions can be selected.
this is the ATR based version (TP x 1,SL x 1.5)

this is the APR based version (TP x 1, SL x 1)

The indicator can also be used as a Trailing Stop,
for clarity you can deselect the TP line to use as TS
ATR based

APR based

You can also chose to color the entry, TP and SL bars.
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