Bitcoin Production Cost

Bitcoin's Production Cost

Based on raw data from CBECI.
Follow me to read more about the calculation logic.
版本注释: Script commentary update.
版本注释: In-line with CoinShares December 2019 research report, added option to use a lower electricity cost/kWh from Mid-2019.
版本注释: Updated with January 2020 electricity data.
版本注释: Updated with May 2020 electricity data from
Now uses 2 week rolling data for finer granularity (while balancing TradingView load time).
Uses 4c/kWh (lower end of CBECI and Coinshares global average Mining electrical cost estimates).
版本注释: Updated chart visuals
版本注释: Updated with August 2020 electricity data from
版本注释: Updated inputs
版本注释: Updated input data
版本注释: Updated energy data
版本注释: Updated energy data
版本注释: Added optional inflation factor, given the annualized rate of growth of M2 money supply increased from 5.8% annualized to 12.7% annualized after Corona (rough delta being 6.5%).
版本注释: updated inflation factor


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