Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min

Original Version credits to DonovanWall

Actual Version i just set alerts and change the parameters for BTCUSDC 5min Chart.


Wait For Barclose


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Backtested with 0.08% fees, this strategy loses money.
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bobbytheblob capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, yep, trading the 5min chart on BTC is way too expensive to be worth it. 0.15% round trip fee on most futures exchange will just kill you right there.
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BHCap bobbytheblob
@bobbytheblob, Try using it on the 15mins and closing as RSI closes in OB or OS
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JCCarl capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, not if you set a risk to reward ratio. And go up to. Higher time frame with this script. It's amazing
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vik0q capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, when market is in a range is very difficult to find something that makes money, requires to make channels and only buy specific places
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Hello sir.
Can we use this also in 1Day timeframe? It is also accurate?

best regards
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guikroth gjob83
@gjob83, yes, it works the same way
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JCCarl gjob83
@gjob83, I'm looking to see when the buy it sell signal could possibly show next week on 1D. Maybe 00:00 utc. Then trade at a lower spread a couple hours later. I should hope
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Can i use on one minute time frame? Thank you!
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