Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min

Original Version credits to DonovanWall

Actual Version i just set alerts and change the parameters for BTCUSDC 5min Chart.


Wait For Barclose

从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本


does it repaints at the beginning of a bar....or repaints on previous bar after barclosed
Look like its repaint. I have created TV alerts bases on Buy/Sell signals, Alerts gets triggered even if there is no confirm Buy/Sell signal.
Can i use on one minute time frame? Thank you!
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Hello sir, I am very much impressed by your range filter, I know the market structure as range trend and range, I couldnot make out how exactly to use this, as i am unable to get the thing you have coded as i am simple biological graduate. can you please explain the concept behind your filter and how to use it.
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good afternoon, you have a great script!!Range Filter Buy and Sell 5 min Thank you very much for it! Please tell me, is it possible to add the removal and setting of the channel length limit, so that it does not go to the entire chart, for example, for the last 30 bars? Is it difficult to do this? I'm not a programmer at all(
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Could you please update and publish this script in V4 pinescript? TV gives the error "Alert saving failed, Please try again." when creating an alert on this script. I'm not skilled with Pinescript and can only request your or others' help. Thank you for this very helpful tool. I reported to TV Support and this is the suggestion given.
Bro, this is a really good indicator - great job
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This code AKA "Whales Buy-Sell" produces a Tradingview error "Alert saving failed. Please, try again." Tradingview support response "We’ve identified the issue and assigned a task to our tech team already. We're going to release a fix for that in the nearest future, but if you don't want to wait for that you can just convert the script you're setting your alerts on to version 4 and create new alerts on the same conditions." Anyone know how to do this?
hi! Thank u 4 gooed work.

When i setup alerts i see error: alert saving failed on tradingview

Maby smbd knows how to solve it?!
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