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Day level Indicator shows overall market price structure of market for Intraday Position.
Terminology Use ==> Price Line, Price Level name and Price level

Timeframe ==> Use proper Signal with swing trend on 15 Min. or lower time frame (Best if Use with 15 Minutes chart or 5 Min. chart).

What to Identify ==> Overall market price structure for the Intraday Period

How to Use ==>

There are Many Line in price level chart

Green/red with Solid for important area of support or resistance

Other dotted lines are for retracement or extension of prices.

Important Structure==> Price behaviors on all lines of possible support and resistance

Use market structure, chart pattern, trend lines for more support..

Entry ==>
Let’s wait the proper area of support or resistance (Area of Value in case of trend pattern use)

Exit ==>
SL of swing high/low out of market structure with proper risk management and target with proper Risk/ Reward Ratio
版本注释: Update level position
版本注释: Label position update
版本注释: Update in price level
版本注释: Location update
版本注释: Price level update
版本注释: Update Time
版本注释: Time label update
版本注释: Update label
版本注释: Update in values
版本注释: Update values

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